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We strive to only offer high quality products for your pet. We use all of the products we sell and we trust all of the products that we sell. We have used these products extensively and believe these products will be of great benefit to your pet. We are not Veterinarians and make no claims as to the effectiveness of these products. By purchasing these products you are agreeing to hold Bug-De-Lite harmless as we have no control in how you use these products, your husbandry, or the health of your pet prior to use. You are purchasing at your own risk. If you are in doubt about the health of your pet, please seek the advice of your Vet first. 




As usual here at Bug-De-Lite we are trying to improve things. We have a new store front we hope will be more user friendly and will improve your shopping experience. Please click the link to the right to visit our new improved store.
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